The ONE major difference between Versailles and Yalta

Nov 11, 2008

1918: Illuminati officiallly interrupt global slaughter first time

1918, 11/11, 11:11, the moment the illuminati chose to officially interrupt the first (almost) global slaughter.

90 years later to the day, time to remember the words of the last of the End Time Prophets, 90 years to the day after "the lights went out and were never ..." (1)
There is only one result and the exact date is immediately visible - it was just a few days before the date the illuminati planned to complete the global slaughter...
Guess who was the first and only so far only one to explain why the slaughter that took place two days after, despite devastating thousands of miles of coastlines, was still a shadow of what was planned... (2)
(1) At least in almost all of Western Europe. In Russia it was a different story...


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