The ONE major difference between Versailles and Yalta

Sep 7, 2004

WW3 script released 1943: remake of original WW2 script

World War III: original script released 1943 was remake of original WW2 script.
All exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet.

Script for Word Wars written before the first bullet of End Times was shot
The day that the illuminazi murdered Archiduke Franz Ferdinand at Sarajevo, June 28 1914, the World Wars script had already been written and there was no place for a third world war in it. 

World War I original script: not modified before it was launched and completed with TOTAL success
World War I would be a mix of 
- a real war, against czar Nicholas II, to get control of the russian empire, 
- fake wars with real blood.
After getting control of Russia a peace treaty would be signed and Germany would be declared defeated.
This was meant to set the stage for 
- proclaiming the Illuminati Grand Master as the "Fuehrer" for the first time ever in plain sight.
- staging a second World War to end all wars, but this time totally fake. 

World War II, original script: a fake war to end all wars
The original script, as the Treaty of Versailles was being signed at an all illuminazi table, after a war that went completely as scripted:
World War II would be a totally fake war with real blood, same as what World War I really was after the October Revolution 1917 in Russia.
In other words: World War II was scripted to start years before 1939, with nazi agent Lenin in the role of suicide bomber "leading" the Soviet Union.

A fake war "to end all wars": The ultimate reason is the illuminati's anti-bible
This perfectly proves the Bible wrong: no real battle of Armageddon, no Good vs Evil, only a fake war before the proclamation of Global Slavery.

Modified script for WW2 became a remake of the original script for WW1 - Why
The original World War II script was rewritten years before it was officially launched with Germany's declaration of war to Poland.
Reason: Leon Trostky's defeat to Stalin after another unscripted event, Lenin's death.
The modified script was a copy of the World War I script: again a mix of real war (Hitler vs Stalin) and fake wars with real blood (Hitler vs France, UK and later US).

Implied in what was previously exposed:
World War II: modified script posed TWO major problems: military and religious
1. World War II would basically be a real not a fake war.
2. World War II could no longer be used to perfectly deny the Bible.

Why did Adolf Hitler postpone the attack to Stalin
There were still plenty of nazi agents in the leadership of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
Hitler was waiting for a while until he gave up on the probability of a coup before Stalin's death.
When finally, June 1941, Hitler launched the real World War II, he was more worried about the religious than the military problem.
In other words: Hitler was convinced that defeating the Red Army would not be as much of a problem.
What worried him more: after his military victory over the Soviet Union and the full detonation as suicide bombers of nazi agents Churchill and Roosevelt, there would no longer a reason for a final fake war.
Armageddon would be only partly denied (satan wins). Good enough, but not perfect.

1943: script for WW3 becomes reality. 
The script for World War II that Stalin forced iluminati to modify in 1924 became in fact a remake of the original script for World War I, that never had to be modified.
1943, after the battles of Stalingrad and Kursk,the illuminati realized that they had lost World War II.
This immediately caused the original script for World War III to be released, which was in fact as simple as this: a remake of the original script for World War II.
Explanation: Hitler knew that one of Stalin's weaknesses was not being able to recognize treason.
In other words: Hitler was confident that illuminati would take again control of the Soviet Union shortly after Stalin's death.
Side note: that's what indeed happened. To pass truth in plain sight one of the first acts that nazi agent Khruschev was ordered to execute was to break-up Crimea from Russia.
To push the revenge for the nazi defeat to the utter possible limits, Crimea was made part of Ukraine, a "republic" that had been created by Lenin, breaking-up the most productive soil from Russia.

The ultimate example for the influence of only ONE man in the History of End Times.
Paradoxically that man is Stalin not any of the Illuminati Grand Masters, and that for not only one but two related reasons: 
Two other of Stalin's Four End Times Paradoxes

Ukraine History, Break-up of Russia for dummies - 100% a creation of german illuminazis: LENIN 1922, Khrushchev 1954, fake Putin 2014

Contrast "Massive Russian deployment in Armenia 2016" with "Soviet Union reconquests Azerbaijan 1920" 
Stalingrad v Syria: Role of oil in the KEY military battles of World War 2 and WW3

To get the role of France in all this and beyond: Waterloo 1815 or the French Revolution 1789 :

Jun 28, 2004

Sarajevo Markale Market 1994 and 9/11 2001: ultimate truth hidden in plain sight

Sarajevo Markale Market 1994 and 9/11 2001: ultimate truth hidden in plain sight
The 13-day period related to Baal and Molech that ends on May 1.
April 19: on this first satanic ritual day the illuminati religion requires a fire sacrifice tto The Beast 
Preferably children are to be offered to the fire god, Baal, or Molech/Nimrod (the Sun God), also known as the Roman god, Saturn (Satan/Devil).

Same date 1993-1995 - Unprecedented mix of fake and real blood
April 19, 1993 - mass fake blood terminates the simulated reality of the "Waco siege".
April 19, 1995 - mass real blood, Oklahoma City bombing. An innocent, Timothy McVeigh, is sentenced as perpetrator in this attack under false flag.

Same place, 1994-1995 - Markale market, Sarajevo: Unprecedented remake of mass fake blood
Two episodes of mass fake blood staged at the very same market within less than two years.

Same city, 1914-1994 . Sarajevo: well beyond mix of real and fake blood
Summer 1914, Sarajevo, one single bullit was all it took to create as much real blood as it was required to start the First World War.
90 years later an act of mass fake blood in the same city, this time at the Markale Market.
Apparently it's a completely reversed coreography:
- 1994: shelling is already ongoing,
- fight is only between bosnian serbs, muslims and croats, not a world war.
- 1995: remake one year later, and still no link to the first bullit of End Times, Sarajevo 29 June, 1914.
In reality the Illuminati Grand Master not only already at that time but still as of Apr 2016, scripted the "Markale Market 1994", together with 9/11 2001, as one of the two ultimate acts for truth hidden in plain sight.

End of story coming, may God will, here:

Sarajevo 28 June 1914 - First Bullet of End Times.
Real Story revealed worldwide first by Last Prophet Matt Marriott, 95 years later and 90 years later to the day after the act of illuminati theater known as Treaty of Versailles, 28 June 1919 - 28 June 2009:

Illuminati milestones: fake mass blood to start "humanitarian wars" starts 1994, Markale market, Sarajevo
"Coincidentally" at the city selected by the illuminati to start the grande finale, 80 years earlier.

World War III: original script released 1943 was a remake of original WW2 script, two of the ultimate reductions of illuminati end times.
The first reduction is implicitly stated: again the same original script.
The second reduction is what the original script was: a fake war with real blood.
The ultimate reason for all this: proving the illuminati anti-bible true, in particular that "Armageddon is a lie".
At the end of the day not only WW2  but also World War III started as a real war mixed with fake wars.
As expected from the Laws of End Times Reductionism some of these fake wars were additionally reduced to fake blood.