The ONE major difference between Versailles and Yalta

May 29, 2006

World war II vs World war III Spain Guernica vs Kosovo Racak

What Wikipedia covers-up about how Guernica was first reported
Quote from Wikipedia, online encyclopedia managed by the Illuminati:
"The extent of the damage, death and destruction in Guernica was first revealed the next day—April 27, 1937—by George Steer, the Times of London reporter covering the Spanish Civil War. He published the full extent of the carnage and the clear German complicity in the action which was evidenced by three small bomb cases stamped with the German Imperial Eagle.
At that time, Germany had official adopted a neutral position in the Civil War and signed a Non-Intervention Pact but Steer's report revealed this to be false.
Don't be fooled by this. It wasn't until 6 June 1939 that the masses in the illuminati world were officially informed that the Hitler's Condor Legion did it. 

Illuminati media reporting unprecedented atrocities preceeding the start of World Wars: Guernica cover-up, 1937 vs. Kosovo, Racak hoax, 1999
Why was the unprecedented atrocity at Guernica reported the day after? Because news were not totally manufactured like in 1999, there was still a small possibility for a leak.
The unprecedented process of manufacturig atrocities before the attack to Serbia - at least in the last months before 24 march, 1999 - was ALSO reported by the first channel of German State Television ARD (2).
The difference is that unlike the Times report, it was reported only AFTER the first phase of WW III ended, with NATO occupying Kosovo.

Accordingly, it was reported for different reasons.
In 1999, unlike 1937, mass media was already long TOTALLY controlled. 
So the possibiliy of breaches concerning a BIG LIE such as who's murdering who is reduced to ZERO, unlike what happened with the Times publishing Stee's Guernica report.
This time the broadcasting was part of the mind control agenda: when the time is ripe, reveal parts of the truth exposing one of the big lies. 
But only for a short moment in time, as part of terrorizing the sheep and of the agenda "it's a lie and learn to live with it". 
Proceed IMMEDIATELY as if nothing had been just revealed.
This is exactly what happened: reported in a 45 minutes documentation, before prime news. Despite the fact that it was a "end of the world as we know it" report, prime news started reporting as if nothing had been just exposed.

In 1937, after that report, the other illuminati governments (England, France, US) went on as if no Steer report had ever been printed.
None of them accused the nazis as the authors of that act.
Again: It wasn't until 6 June 1939 that the masses in the illuminati world were officially informed that the Condor Legion did it.

(1) Use google to translate from german, about Racak and the Kosovo lie: illuminati media deleted original, but you can still read it archived.

6 June 1939, Legion Condor illuminati puzzle in photos

Talk of unprecedented air bombings of civilians:
a good page for a crash course about the illuminati:
Waterloo 1815 = bombing of Dresden 1945 = illuminati theater AFTER their DEFEAT 1812 and 1943.


May 27, 2006

John Kenneth Galbraith and true story of World War II

A tribute to John Kenneth Galbraith, for having provided data to expose the illuminati conspiracy in World War II:

"Our first indication that something was wrong came in [a captured document entitled] the German Statistical Overview of War Production... In 1940, the first full year of the war, the average monthly production of Panzer vehicles [tanks and self-propelled guns] was 136; in 1941 it was 316; in 1942 it had risen to 516. In 1943, after the bombing began in earnest, average monthly production was 1005, and in 1944 it was 1583. Peak monthly production was not reached until December 1944, and it was only slightly down in early 1945. For aircraft and other weaponry the figures were similar... We were beginning to see that we were encountering one of the greatest, perhaps the greatest miscalculation of the war." (1)

Problem is, that it wasn't miscalculation... Churchill and Hitler were in fact both on the same side.

By the way, about JKG most important quote, not true that "The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable." Valid only for economic forecasting by the illuminati.
On the other hand, economic forecasting by Matt Marriott is too predictable... even simpler than JK Galbraith's explanations. 

(1) John Kenneth Galbraith: A Life In Our Times; Houghton Mifflin, New York, 1981. p.205-206.

6 June 1939, Legion Condor - The Condor Legion victory parade

Historical Articles by Matt Marriott - 1 - the exponential curve